Emergency vehicle

Support us by donating to contribute to a vehicle for transportation.

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Medical supplies

Your donated contributions to medical supplies (medicines, bandages, instruments) arrive at their destination.

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Project Winter-aid

Your donation makes the acquisition of blankets, firewood, and food possible for the coming winter.

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Primary healthcare

Medical aid, living brotherly love

Syrian refugees only have limited access to primary healthcare. Many of them don’t have official Refugee-status, and so have no right to official aid.

Middle East Aid offers basic medical help and thereby Helps to alleviate the need.

Informal Education

Sustainable investment into the future of refugee-children

75% of Syrian refugees in Lebanon are minors. More than half of these are unable to attend school.

Middle East Aid offers these children life-affirming Prospects for their futures through education.

Middle East Aid

Emergency relief in focus

The Middle East hasn’t only distinguished itself in the last few years as a hot spot for religious tension: The intraislamic wars in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen have led to the so far greatest humanitarian catastrophes of the 21st century.


The Syrian civil war alone has claimed 400,000 deaths to date, with around 12 million displaced Syrians seeking refuge eslewhere.

The first project of the Middle East Aid union, “hope for Syrian refugees”, is an answer to the  desolate situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Since the beginning of the war, close to two million Syrians have fled to Lebanon. About half of these don’t have official refugee status and therefore no access to official help. A mobile House-clinic, staffed by a team of Swiss Professionals, offers basic medical aid to refugees. Additionally, Middle East Aid is developing educational programs for Syrian children without access to schools.

In Switzerland, Middle East Aid is recognized as a non-profit union, and is tax-exempt. All financial contributions are tax-deductible.

We owe our contributors a great debt of thanks

By your cooperation, you contribute a crucial part of the work of Middle East Aid.