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Middle East Aid is a charitable organization that brings help that is both sustainable and adapted to their specific needs to refugees and needy ethnic groups in the Middle East. Our motivation is the basic Christian understanding of the inalienability human dignity and the charge of active love of our neighbors.
In Switzerland, Middle East Aid is recognized as a non-profit union, and is tax-exempt. All financial contributions are tax-deductible.

The first project of the Middle East Aid union, “hope for Syrian refugees”, is an answer to the desolate situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Since the beginning of the war, close to two million Syrians have fled to Lebanon. About half of these don’t have official refugee status and therefore no access to official help.
Since spring 2015, our service team of qualified Swiss professionals has been active in the border region between Syria and Lebanon. In about 25 refugee camps, they offer basic medical care for refugees, and educational projects for children without access to Schools.

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Donations to the Middle East Aid Union are
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