Informal education

Sustainable investment into the future of refugee-children

Informal education

For Syrian children

75% of Syrian refugees in Lebanon are minors.
More than half of these are unable to attend school.


Besides widespread illiteracy, social neglect and lack of acquisition of “soft skills” are long-term handicaps. Through education, we want to give children life-affirming prospects for their futures, and open new horizons to them. A team consisting of a Swiss teacher, a social pedagogue, and several trained non-professionals offer educational programs in several camps for refugee children: Along with the playful development of basic social competences and promotion of musical skills, we help these children through age-appropriate discussion of existential questions in order to develop a positive outlook on life. A second branch of this project is a family-therapeutic approach, in which we attempt to work within the greater social structures to give instruction for functional coping-strategies for people affected by war-trauma.

High quality educational programs are very sought-after. As of yet, around 500,000 young Syrians have no access to education. Because of this, we invest increasingly in the recruiting and training of teachers. Since 2017, there are approximately six such educational programs taking place every week.

We give refugee children sustainable prospects for the future and make options for self-help available.

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